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Busy Bodies

Where Lower Church Hall
When 9-11am, Friday
Runs during school term
Contact Rebecca Blake: 0400 488 484 | Website | Facebook

Let's meet the Busy Bodies – and those bodies are incredibly busy!

A morning of Busy Bodies is organised chaos: there's babies lying on their tummies playing, with mums sitting beside them chatting, in another part of the room boys are playing with toy cars on a “road” drawn on a long sheet of butcher's paper on the floor, at the craft table a mum helps a couple of kids with cutting and glueing, towers are being built at the lego table, and group of future V8 supercar drivers is zooming around and around on “bikes” (I tried to get a photo of the boys on the bikes, but they were just too fast). Periodically, kids and mums come to the snack table for morning tea – with some wonderful treats baked by people in the congregation.

Playgroups are about the needs of two groups of people – young kids – and the parents (usually the mums) of young kids. Each week mums and kids come to socialise, to have morning tea, and to play. It's not always the same mums and kids – some will come one week and not another. Some young parents experience isolation – either because they're at home with a young child and not spending much time with other adults – or because they work with people who don't understand what it is like to have a young child at home. Some have no extended family for support. At Busy Bodies, mums talk about midnight nappy changes and toddlers with gastro, and everyone there understands exactly what it's like. They share stories, and problems with and without solutions. Kids play together and practice social skills, like taking turns and sharing, as well as playing with different toys to those at home, and doing activities like singing and craft.

The ministry of Busy Bodies is one of creating a sense of connection. Busy Bodies is a place where mums and kids feel they belong. They're free to be themselves, they build friendships, share wisdom, and have a fun morning to look forward to at the end of each week. Thanks to Bec's work in this area, this is a place where some mums who might not otherwise connect with any church in any way, feel they have a relationship of some sort with this church. Things like treats being baked by members of the congregation help show our care for all of the Busy Bodies.

Grace and Peace,
Iris Carden, Minister


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