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Men's Breakfast

Where (contact Ralph for location)
When 7.30am, last Saturday of the Month
Contact Ralph Hultgren: 3356 1052 | ralphwho(at)smartchat.net.au

“Secret men's business” is the order of the day at Men's Breakfasts. To let you in on the big secrets, the topics of conversation this last men's breakfast included Kate Middleton's wedding dress, art, and climate change. In an inclusive era when “Ladies' Fellowships” have long become “Adult Fellowships” and the “Women's World Day of Prayer” many years ago became the “World Day of Prayer”, it's interesting that in recent years we've had a resurgence of interest in men's groups, men's sheds, men's breakfasts, etc.

This shows there is a need for somewhere safe for men to just be men – to find their own identity, to share their issues and experiences. Just as women have always known that sometimes we need time with our girlfriends – men have been learning that sometimes they need some time when it's just the men. For some, the pub or sports create that space, but those outlets don't suit everyone.

The mission of Men's Breakfasts is to allow men who are a regular part of our worshipping community, and men who are not, a place to share friendship, to support each other, to reflect on issues that are important and on those that are trivial.

Grace and Peace,
Iris Carden, Minister


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