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Prayer and Reflection

Where In the Church
When 6.30-7pm, 3rd Wednesday of the Month

There's something quite extraordinary about sitting in a darkened, quiet church while traffic continues on outside unabated.

This is what Prayer and Reflection is about finding a quiet place in the midst of the busy world.

Sitting by candlelight, in silence, each person is free to have their own prayer time, to reflect on what is most current in their relationship with God.

While everyone could pray alone at home, there is a value in coming together. Each person who has come has set aside this time to pray, away from all of the distractions and interruptions of home. The traffic noise outside reminds us that there is plenty to be busy with when we leave but while we are in the church, in the quiet space, it is just about us and God.

All relationships benefit from setting aside quality time to be together and our relationship with God is no different in this respect than any other. Setting aside this time, stepping outside of our daily routine, helps make this quality time with God.

Grace and Peace,
Iris Carden, Minister


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