Below are listed various events and outreach participated in, supported and/or run by Ashgrove West Uniting Church.

Religious education / RE
Religious Education at Ashgrove State School. Currently running in Grades 4 & 5.

Prison Ministry
Supporting Chaplains and Ministry in Prisons.
More Information www.prisonministry.ucaweb.com.au

Frontier Services
Provides aged care, health and community services and pastoral support to people in Outback Australia.
More Information www.frontierservice.org

Act For Peace
The international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia, helping people who live in poverty and conflict.
More Information www.ncca.org.au/cws

Lent Event
Community event to erradicate extreme poverty.
More Information www.lentevent.com

Schoolies Week Chaplaincy
Chaplaincy to youth at Schoolies Week.
More Information www.redfrogs.com.au/hotelchaplaincy/


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